JANUARY 9th, 2023

The January 9th General Meeting of the SWCLA was held at the Southbridge Community Center at 7:00pm

Doug Quattrochi, Executive Director of MassLandlords gave an update.

We are entering a two year legislative session, 2023-2024 and MassLL will be filing 11 bills.  Civil Asset Forfeiture will be refiled.  The new bills are:
  • 1.  Allow LLCs to represent themselves in court.
  • 2.  Allow landlords and contractors who pass a test to conduct like-for-like repair and replacement of minor electrical and plumbing systems.
  • 3.  Advance property rights by preventing seizure of cars and real estate from non-criminals.
  • 4.  Increase the de-leading credit from $l,500 to $15,000 per unit.
  • 5.  Create a pilot program for instant rental assistance; fund it with incentives to move away from single family zoning.
  • 6.  Reduce greater Boston flood risk to current owners and renters either by building flood infrastructure or managing retreat from flood prone lots.
  • 7. Change the $10,000 RAFT cap, which is regressive in Boston, to be 6 months of rent.  Require the full RAFT benefit be paid out regardless of whether for arrears or going-forward stipend to eliminate unintended incentives not to pay.
  • 8.  Eviction and rental assistance records to be public records; create new protected classes to prevent unfair discrimination based on this information.
  • 9.  Move the legislature away from copyrighted laws, including allowing us to read the building code for free.  Subject the legislature to the public records law.
  • 10.  Require that all bills be presented in "tracked changes" format so lay people can read and understand them.
  • 11.  Hold a commission to evaluate the eviction moratorium and ensure it never returns. 

Doug asked us to volunteer to call State representatives and senators to file our bills.
Doug, when asked, said MassLL will be going back to in-person meetings soon,and hopes to hold the first one in March in the Greater Springfield area.

The January 9, 2023 SWCLA general meeting also offered an open forum self-help discussion.

Topics included:  
  • Ted shared his experiences in securing an apt/room for his nephew in the Lowell area and what an eye opener it was for them.
  • A new participant asked how one gets subsidized housing for oneself.
  • A couple shared their experiences when the building next to them caught on fire and melted the siding on their income property.  Dan O'Connor offered some clarification on insurance procedures/guidelines.
  • Dan also shared his experience with water damage in his own property.
  • There was discussion on when and how to raise rents.
  • The meeting concluded with pizza and soft drinks

NOVEMBER 7th, 2022

On Monday, November 7, 2022, SWCLA held its monthly meeting at 7 p.m. at the Golden Greek in Southbridge.

Doug Quattrochi was not present to give a MassLandlords update.

Our speaker was Anna Smith, Landfill Monitor for the town of Southbridge Health Department.  Her topic was Smart Recycling.  She is the overseer of trash and recycling.  She is working on a curbside program.  A committee has been formed and she welcomed any interested landlord to participate.  In 2016 the town voted not to expand the landfill.  So curbside trash and recycling will need to be handled differently.

She talked about the different types of recycling and the status of each, such as hazardous waste (which includes electronics), appliances, items with lead/acid batteries, yard waste organics, textiles and mattresses.  As of November 1, there was no more free bulk pick-up of mattresses.   They are doing a lot of advertising to let residents know.  There will be a fine (to the landlord) and it will be enforced.   Cassella is available for curbside pick-up.  Southbridge residents need to show an ID for hazardous waste disposal which is offered four times a year.

Through the committee the Town will determine how to handle a curbside program.  Options include increasing taxes or initiating a flat fee or pay per bag.  If the town pays it could be about $300 per building.  Proposals will be based on what other towns do and input from residents.  She recommended checking the town website for more information and updates.

She answered questions and had handouts available. 

And as usual, pizza and soda were provided for all present.

Submitted by Mary Palazo


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