The speaker for our September 12th meeting was Kandi Perry of AllMass Energy.  You can reach her at 978-273-7468 or email her at

AllMass Energy is an independent supplier and consulting firm, providing energy management solutions to companies across New England.  They conduct a full evaluation of your existing consumption, pricing and contract terms.  They assess your risk tolerance level and expectations.  They then design the most suitable, competitive procurement strategy to meet your goals.  And they provide program maintenance.

Energy choice enables small businesses to secure competitive pricing for electricity.  When you choose a third party supplier, such as AllMass Energy for your business energy needs, you gain greater price protection, while still receiving service from your local utility.

Her presentation showed a sample utility bill, how to read it and what portion they help with.  Energy solutions and pricing strategies include:  electricity procurement, natural gas procurement, LED and efficiency solutions, sustainable energy solutions and community solar programs.

She offered suggestions for lowering your small business electricity bill:
1.  get an energy audit
2.  prevent "phantom energy" usage
3.  use timers
4.  install occupancy sensors
5.  think outside your building, i.e. trees
6.  take advantage of utility and State assistance programs
7.  integrate building management systems
8.  run energy monitoring devices

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